Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison_Falls_573x430Murchison Falls also known as Kabarega Falls, is a waterfall between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert on the White Nile River in Uganda. At the top of Murchison Falls, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks, only 7 meters wide and tumbles 43 meters, then flows westward into Lake Albert. The outlet of Lake Victoria sends around 300 cubic meters per second (11,000 ft³/s) of water over the falls, squeezed into a gorge less than 10 meters wideSir Samuel Baker named them after Sir Roderick Murchison, president of the Royal Geographical Society. th4B91ZGW8
The falls lend their name to the surrounding Murchison Falls National Park. During the regime of Idi Amin in the 1970s the name was changed to Kabarega Falls, after the Omukama (King) Kabarega of Bunyoro, although this was never legally promulgated. The name reverted to Murchison Falls following the downfall of Idi Amin. It is still sometimes referred to as Kabarega Falls.

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